Wheel geometry adjustment / alignment - tilt adjustment.

Each car brand has a variety of combinations of crosswise tilt, longitudinal alignment and alignment regulations. They have to be fine-tuned, and it can be done by a specialist, where modern facility with very high precision in work process is used. Modern wheel geometry stand allows to do this work fast and with high accuracy.

Fine-tuned wheel geometry extends tire service - they wear out evenly and the car will guide more accurately.


When should You adjust the alignment?


If there is a noticable wear on the tire sidewall

If the tire is worn diagonally

If the guidance of car on the road has become worse

After auto repair the changed parts that affect the position of the wheel

    (steering column, shelf, shock absorbers, springs, steering rod, steering mechanism)

After the adjustment you will recieve a  measurement on A4-size paper (before and after the adjustment).


Running gear examination 10€
Wheel geometry check without adjustment 12€
Front axle adjustment 20€
Wheel adjustment for SUV, 4x4, quattro, vans.
Rear axle adjustment
Heating with gas (for unscrewing rusty parts) 5€/gab

Duration of service ~ 1h

When the alignment can not be adjusted?

  • Alignment can not be adjusted if any of the pivot bearing and moving parts are damaged, bent or broken.

Hoist size allows to make alignment for MAXI coaches and the high ceiling provides an opportunity for high vans to enter the facility.