High quality tire mounting, tire balancing and tire repair!

For Cars, sports utility vehicles and vans. It takes 40-60 minutes to change one set of tyres. 

EA provides an opportunity to get the best quality for the best price in Riga. We examine wishes of our each client.


Service Motorcars Vans
Tire change with balancing iron rims R13-R16 (4pcs) 14.00  16.00
Tire change with balancing aluminum rims R13-R16 (4pcs)  16.00  20.00
Tire change with balancing aluminum rims R17-R18 (4pcs)  20.00  25.00
Tire change (4pcs)  8.00  8.00
Tire change with a balancing test  12.00  15.00
Tire repair (wire)  4.00-8.00  4.00-8.00
Change of disk valve during the tire change  2.00  2.00
Change of disk valve 5.00  5.00
Removal of the tyre from the disk 1.00 1.00
Previously removed wheel balancing 1.00 1.00

All prices are in EUR

Service includes:

  1. An adequate price for the service;
  2. A careful inspection of the vehicle before lifting it to avoid damaging the body of the vehicle;
  3. Car wheel removal;
  4. Visual inspection of running gear defects that can occur during vehicle exploitation;
  5. Tire removal from the vehicle disk;
  6. Tire disk rotor cleaning;
  7. Tire mounting to the disk;
  8. Removal of dirt, mud and stones from disk that can affect the balancing results;

  9. Wheel balancing with high quality hardware;
  10. Disc screw cleaning and staining with copper grease for extreme cases to unscrew it without much effort;
  11. Installation of disk back to the car.